Teaser Trailer
Henri is at the end of his rope. He blames himself for the death of his girlfriend Mathilda. And after years that he still can't lead a normal life, he sees his only chance in a myth: a time portal on the ocean near the island Saudadia that is supposed to transport him seven years back in time. But just as he is about to sail into the supposed portal, Mathilda appears to him on the boat...
"Müde des Lebens" is a proof-of-concept short film for our feature film project Argument for the Existence of the Island Saudadia. It is set in the same universe as the feature but tells the story of another character searching for the island Saudadia.
Current State: In Post Production
Estimated Runtime: 8 Minutes
Starring: Marlon Kittel, Alida Bohnen
Director, Screenwriter, Editor & Producer: Constantin Maier
Director of Photography: Alexander Kohn
Visual Effects Supervisor: Nikilo Sonnet
Visual Effects Artists: Lutz Gottschalk, Alican Eren Kuzu
Production Designer: Mona Lühring
Costume Designer: Lea Westhues
Make-Up Artist: Kira Witte
Gaffer: Jonas Reddersen
Production Sound Mixer: Ingo Voelker
Production Manager: Vincent Bellersen
Sailing Consultant: Robert Kaminski
Produced during the nordmedia-funded development stage of the feature film Argument for the Existence of the Island Saudadia
Behind the Scenes
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